A Perfect Guide To Visit Australia’s Fraser Island

There’s something very beautiful about Fraser Island, and you would absolutely fall in love with the place if you are stepping your foot for the first time on the island. It’s stretched over 120 km, and this raw-rugged sand island has picturesque beauty- which is also the largest south coast in Queensland and that makes it one of the most popular travel destinations.


With its natural untamed beaches, evergreen forests, and clean freshwater lakes this is one of the most population destinations in Australia among all the travelers who come here from all around the world. This island can assure you with the wild adventure experiences which you won’t find anywhere in Australia that will blow the roof off of your hometown. Just check out what we mean here http://www.rooferswellington.com/.


One of the most difficult moments which you would notice while visiting Fraser Island is the challenge of driving on the roads of the national park. Don’t take it easy, even when you are good at driving. This is one of the major reasons why many travelers go for organized tours from the mainland.


The only reason why you should travel here independently is that it gives you the opportunity to explore the island at your own pace and time, and it will definitely make your adventure experience better.


There are two ways to which you can access Fraser, which is located about 300 km in the north of Brisbane. Most of the times, visitors go for the MANTA RAY BARGE (visit mantarayfraserislandbarge.com.au to get some more information) that runs between Inskip Point (and you won’t regret once you find the beautiful beachfront campground) and the time for Fraser’s southern tip is from 6 am to 5.15pm daily. You would have to pay AU$120 return for the 10-minute journey (for each car).


Another option which you can try, apart from exploring the beach through a small AIR FRASER ISLAND PLANE (get all the essential information at airfraserisland.com.au), is the ferry ride in FRASER ISLAND BARGES which mostly run their services from River Heads (and it would take around 20 minutes south of Hervey Bay) to Wanggoolba Creek and Kingfisher Bay Resort which is located on the island’s west side. You will be charged $105 return per car for both the services, and it would take around 50 minutes to reach the desired destination).


You can drive anything, but not a 4WD which has a very low range capacity and high clearance. This is something which may put you in a risky situation. This doesn’t mean that you cannot take your SUV, but it may get damaged due to the bumpy roads and may also get bogged in the sand.


This is a specific tip for people who simply don’t have any idea about driving on sand. If your insurance company is not offering any coverage on off-road driving, you may have to pay a huge bill to get your car towed off in the island area.


In case, if you’re someone who doesn’t have his/her own vehicle, then there are many companies in HARVEY BAY that offer 4WD renting services. They can also organize vehicle permits with the help of Queensland National Parks office, and can also help you with ferry and campsite bookings.

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