10 Most Incredible Things To Do In Australia P. II

#6  Scuba Diving

So you must have tried scuba diving and wonder “is there anything different in Australia which I should see”? You are absolutely wrong if you’re thinking the same. Scuba diving in Australia will be an unforgettable experience if you do it at GREAT BARRIER REEF. This is one of the most magical places where you can find colorful coral and sparkling fishes. They will welcome you with their big hearts and show their beautiful homes. You might even get lucky to see a turtle.


#7  Noosa


Well, it is known for its big and flashy apartments, luxurious shops and well-maintained beaches. This is a kind of place which is mostly visited by the celebrities. However, if you’re thinking of visiting a site which is a little less noisy, then go for camping and canoeing at Gagaju Bush Camp. It is located on Noosa River, and this will give you a perfect community feel. You can try canoeing all throughout the day and enjoy a campfire at nights.


#8  Melbourne


You either love Sydney or Melbourne. That’s what most of the people say. However, both these cities are beautiful in their own ways. Melbourne has impressive cafes, shops, and art stores while Sydney is a popular tourist attraction. Plan an afternoon walk to the ACMI museum. You should also visit Melbourne if you’re a big NEIGHBOURS fan. Enjoy the suburbs tours which leave from the city on a daily basis.




It’s one of the favorite spots for surfers. No matter when you go, you’ll always find surfers with their boards. It’s a small town where you can enjoy a walk, when not surfing and has some great things to offer. One of the best things which you must do is take a walk up to CAPE BYRON & BYRON BAY LIGHTHOUSE, where you will enjoy an amazing view. If you’re lucky, you may even see the dolphins or whales in the sea. It is mostly visited by locals and backpackers.




You must have heard of the wild horses in Snowy Wilderness. It’s a privately owned sanctuary. While it’s not everyone who can ride the horses (no matter whether you’re a professional horse rider or not), you can enjoy the beauty of these majestic creatures.


Australia. It’s big. It’s beautiful. And you will fall in love with its beauty. Shortlist the places which you want to visit. The challenge is to explore as many places as you can. This incredible continent has some amazing sights and experiences that you’ll always cherish.

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